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Your Body: A Girls' Guide Book Cover
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The Book

Your Body: The Girls' GuideIn Your Body: The Girls’ Guide (St. Martin's Press), Dr. Janis Brody shares her secrets about how to:

  • Up your confidence and get a grip on puberty
  • Find a sport you love and avoid the dieting trap
  • Explore romantic relationships while staying in charge of your body
  • Keep fit and look your best

    Can’t wait to read the book? Order it now! The book is less than $5 (I kid you not!).

Sneak a Peek! — Curious to see what’s inside the book?

The Buzz about Your Body

Chapter 1: How You See Yourself—Loving Your Body

A quiz will let you know how much you suffer from the body blues and tips will help you fight them off. You’ll learn how in different cultures and historical times being plump was in fashion, and how now, for famous models and actresses physical perfection is an illusion created by computers.

Chapter 2: Puberty’s Changes—Periods, Breasts, and More

You’ll find out how your body changes on the outside (breasts, hips, buttocks, etc.) and inside (getting your period). Shopping for bras, tampons, and deodorant can be a breeze. Tips help you manage oily hair, pimples, and premenstrual symptoms.

Chapter 3: The Pleasure Zone—Crushes, Kisses, and . . .

There’s a romance quiz and tips on how to explore dating while staying in charge of your body. Find out why you and your friends tend to have crushes on the boys who don’t like you back and what you can do about it. And if you crush on girls, there’s a section for you.

The Buzz about Sports

Chapter 4: Have a Blast—Find Your Personal Sports Groove

You’ll find out why sports are the surest way to feel good about your body. You’ll learn how to bust through the awkward beginner’s phase to become strong and fit, and smell and look good while you’re doing it.

Chapter 5: Competition—Go for It

Athletic competition builds friendships, makes you fit, and improves performance. Learn what you do to psych yourself out on the field, and then how to psych yourself up to play your best. Do boys really have an athletic advantage? How many careers are there for women in professional sports?

The Buzz about Food

Chapter 6: Eating Well—Look and Feel Your Best

Eating well could bring you radiant skin, lustrous hair, better grades and athletic ability, fewer sick days, and growth to your maximum height potential. Learn whether you eat better or worse than most other girls and how to improve your nutritional habits. Recipes included.

Chapter 7: Don’t Diet—Lead a Healthy and Trim Lifestyle

You’ll learn why dieting makes you fat and scales lie about your weight. Find out how to lead a healthy fit and trim lifestyle, without counting calories!

Chapter 8: When Dieting Gets Out of Hand—Eating Disorders

What exactly is an eating disorder and do you have one? This chapter will help you look out for danger signs, as well as fight off the bad feelings, stress, and risky behaviors that lead to eating problems.

The Buzz about Health

Chapter 9: Keep Your Body Safe from Harm—Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs

Are you in control when it comes to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes? You’ll learn why substances usually deliver the opposite of what they seem to promise; in others words, why you’ll likely end up more stressed, less popular, and more dependent on your parents.

Chapter 10: Take Good care of Yourself—Seeking Help

No trouble is too big or too small for professional counseling; seeking help shows strength. You’ll learn how to find someone to talk to at home, school, or over the phone, and about what will happen when you do.

Now are you convinced? Order it now! The book is less than $5 (I kid you not!).

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