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This Girl-to-Girl section is all about connecting you with other girls who know where you’re coming from when it comes to body blues and social pressures.

Feel-Good Tips from Girls

Girl readers of Your Body share what they do to feel confident and beautiful from the inside out; read what they have to say.

One secret that I use a lot is dancing...If I feel down, I get up, turn the radio to my favorite stations, wait for a song, and just start dancing! I shake my hips to the music and it makes me feel alive and well! If I don't feel like dancing, I go over to my best bud's house (one block away) and we talk! We always make each other feel better no matter what...We call each other sisters, because we think exactly alike in every way! If you ever feel down, then try these two ways! I assure you that if you put your heart into dancing, it will help!
— Sea_salts

You shouldn't listen to other people who make fun of you. THEY JUST DON'T FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES!
— Total Freak Out

I think you have to be confident to be beautiful. If you tell yourself that you are beautiful, you'll feel beautiful. But if you constantly diss yourself, you'll feel ugly!!! Learn to love yourself the way you are because you were made that way for a reason.
— Hotstuff

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Also who is the "pretty one " or the "sexy one" one day can all change the next. I know. I have gone from being the hottest one in the school, to seeing my friend be pushed into that role. What is ugly to you might be beautiful to everyone else. You are only as ugly as you say you are. WORK ON YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— One of The Voices in Your Head

When some really cute group of boys walks past you and you know that they're commenting and laughing about the way you look...just remember—anyone worth spending time with won’t judge you by the size of your jeans, or by what some boys think about you, but by how you carry yourself through life, your personality, etc. Plus, just because a few boys don’t like you, doesn’t mean you’re ugly or you won’t be able to ever get a boyfriend (TRUST ME) —there are LOTS of boys. And you just have to look a little harder to find one worth your time!
— angelbabee

I go to the mall w/ a bunch of friends and we try on swimsuits, PROM DRESSES (so fun!) and other stuff...then, we buy a bunch of makeup, go to someone's house and do really WILD makeovers (WARNING: trust me...they don't always turn out!) But... I don't have the world's best body, but I've learned to accept it as it is instead of wishing and hoping. We only have a certain amount of time in this world, so I don't take it for granted!

Never be embarrassed to ask your mom something if you have any questions. She'll understand!

If people say that they are better than you just ignore them. If you think that you can do something then you probably will be able to do it, so just believe in yourself.
— jenny

Get out there do your own thang. Be creative and anything else that is you! People WILL notice how cool and unique you are once you just be you and have fun with your friends! You know what always helps me after a long week of stress, school, and misery.... .a TGIF shopping spree with all my ladies. So REMEMBER THIS: DONT THINK ABOUT TOMORROW YET, THINK ABOUT TODAY......PS: now I've got a cute and sweet guy who thinks I’m cool ‘cuz I wuz myself......bye bye bye ya all.
— Re8ki

You have to keep a diary. It's your best-friend ...emotionally.

I look around at all my friends and see how different our bodies are. That must be how we were meant to be—different.

Believe me people, those of you who are so worried about self-appearance, you are all truly beautiful. Who cares what other people think? If you’re ever walking down the street and a bunch of people look your way, don't feel as if they're thinking something like—“oh my god! her legs are so fat!” or “look at her ugly face!” They're probably thinking how gorgeous you are. Good luck gurls...
— lizard78

It really helps to do a home spa for yourself! Face masks, nails, hair, etc.

Sometimes when you are totally tired, and you feel like you totally cannot go on: wash your face, change your shirt, and put a smile on!! You will be sooooo surprised how refreshed you feel!

Renaming Tomboy Challenge

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