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Eating healthily and getting enough sleep can increase your brain power and change your whole outlook on the world. How do your eating habits compare to what the experts advise? Take the Health Eating Nutrition Quiz to find out.

Nutrition Quiz: Healthy Eating

For each question, please check the one response that best fits how you feel about your body.

1. You probably eat bread, the question is which type do you eat the most?

a. Any whole grain variety, including whole wheat
b. White, wheat, Italian, French
c. Surprise-you don't eat much bread
d. Croissant or biscuit

2. When you eat at your local pizza joint, what do you usually top your pizza with?

a. Veggies (e.g. peppers, broccoli)
b. Plain-the usual amount of cheese
c. Extra super-duper cheese
d. Sausage or pepperoni

3. How many different servings of fruit and veggies do you eat in each day?

a. 4 or more
b. 2-3
c. 1
d. None

4. What's your typical breakfast?

a. High fiber cereal topped with fruit
b. Bagel or toast
c. Nothing whatsoever
d. Danish, pastry, or doughnut

5. How many portions of low-fat, high calcium dairy foods do you eat in a day (yogurt, milk, and cheese are in, but sorry-butter, creamed cheese, and ice-cream don't count)?

a. 3 or more
b. 2
c. 1
d. 0

6. A typical meal of yours would be more likely to include:

a. Broiled fish
b. Lightly barbecued chicken
c. Fried chicken
d. A big fatty hamburger

7. Everybody munches sometimes; what do you snack on most?

a. Fresh fruit
b. Low-fat yogurt
c. Pretzels
d. Potato chips or candy bar

8. How many cups of liquid do you drink in a typical day (count water, juice, and milk, but not caffeinated or sugar-full beverages, such as soda, coffee or tea)?

a. 8 or more
b. 6-7
c. 4 or 5
d. Less than 4

To score the quiz, for each question give yourself points based on the following scale:

  • For an “a” response = 1 point
  • For a “b” response = 2 points
  • For a “c” response = 3 points
  • For a “d” response = 4 points

If your score falls between:

  • 8 and 15, then you're On Target
  • 16 and 23, then you're Off the Mark
  • 24 and 32, then you're Off the Chart

Right on Target: Good going. If your body could talk it would be thanking you a million times. So why should you, the model eater, read Your Body: The Girls’ Guide? You can learn exactly why your diet is so healthy, pick up a few new nutrition tips, and discover ways to spice up your diet. So the next time somebody asks you, 'Why are you eating that for lunch?' you'll know just what explanation to give.

Off the Mark: I bet that you have good intuition about what's healthy to eat and what's not, but you eat what is put in front of you, or are always eating on the run, or have quite a craving for sweet and greasy foods. No matter how much you may try, you can't quite get on top of the eating game. You're so close to being on target, which could be just an apple, salad, and glass of milk away. Read the book to find out fun ways to become a nutrition powerhouse.

Off the Chart: You can't quite figure out why you have less energy than others. It's because the vitamins and minerals you need are not reaching your body. You may be thinking, 'Well, hey, I'm simply eating what everybody else around me is eating.' That may be so, but it's time somebody set a good example—you are the chosen one. You can still eat dessert and wave hello to Micky D. (Ronald McDonald), but you'll also come to feel, 'I want a peach right now.'

In Your Body: The Girls’ Guide:

"Chapter 6: Eating Well—Look and Feel Your Best,” “Chapter 7: Don’t Diet—Lead a Healthy and Trim Lifestyle,” and “Chapter 8: When Dieting Gets Out of Hand—Eating Disorders” will steer you in the right direction and help you make sure that you're not denying yourself the wonderful pleasures of food.

(*The Healthy Eating Quiz was adapted from the Nutrition Action Healthletter. Copyright 2000 Center for Science in the Public Interest. 1875 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20009-5728.)

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