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Your Body: A Girls' Guide Book Cover
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Your Body: The Girls’ Guide (St. Martin’s Press, September 2000) has been recommended by the media (e.g., Publishers Weekly, Amazon.com’s Top Ten Parenting and Families List), and within three months after its publication, had already sold over 19,000 copies.

Here’s what everyone is saying about Your Body: The Girls’ Guide.

Media Reviews

From Jump Magazine

Finally! A book that tells it like it is. It’s loaded with answers to questions we were always too shy to ask, like is dieting unhealthy and what is sex really like? Wanna survive adolescence? Then put this front and center on your bookshelf

From the Web site Momshelpmoms.com

Your Body the Girl's Guide by Janis Brody, Ph.D. is the definitive guide for pre-teens today, covering everything from their changing bodies, finding a sports groove, healthy eating to making out with boys. It's a good idea for parents to read this book before your pre-teen does in order to go over some of the things. There are also great tips for parents to help them be more comfortable with their child's changing body, especially dads. Learning how to avoid saying the wrong things is important for your child's self-esteem. Innocent comments on a pre-teens chubby thighs have led to eating disorders that are hard to reverse. Guiding them [pre-teens] through this hard time is very important and Janis gives you the tools to help you do exactly that.

Any parent who has, or plans on having a little girl, should own at least one copy of this book.


With a growing and changing body constantly in mind, psychologist Brody travels through the many tenuous aspects of a young woman's development. Brody presents her readers with a multi-formatted book that gives girls sound advice about their bodies. She offers suggestions for building self-esteem that are incorporated into all of her chapters, and her ideas are very practical for young people. Once readers scan through the book, and find the quizzes, lists, highlighted fact boxes, personal anecdotes about Brody’s growing up, they will leaf through this book and find something that appeals to everyone.

From School Library Journal

This guide describes how a girl's developing body can be a source of pride, confusion, and shame, and the forces that spark those feelings. Brody looks at hot spots that most girls will encounter and how to combat negative experiences and emotions. She covers self-image, menstruation, sexuality, sports participation, nutrition and eating disorders, substance abuse, and counseling.

From Amazon.com: Guiding and empowering our pre-teen and teenage girls

Reviewer: A psychologist from New York City
Dr. Brody's book Your Body: The Girls' Guide is a long overdue addition to the preteen and teen literature. As a psychologist, I have searched long and hard for a book to recommend to my girl patients who are entering puberty and have numerous questions.

Dr. Brody writes with the knowledge and experience of a psychologist; the support, guidance and comfort of an older sister; and the understanding and insight of someone who has stayed current with teen culture. Dr. Brody does not bury her head in the sand when it comes to talking to girls -- she offers facts and reassurances, a realistic perspective on today's social climate and its impact on girls' self-esteem, and tips for remaining healthy and in charge. She [Dr. Brody] helps girls feel good about their bodies and their minds, strengthening girls to hold their own in a challenging world.From Amazon.com: Fabulous!!

Reviewer: A reader from New York, NY USA
I wish I had this book when I was a pre-teen!! The writing is clear and informative and speaks to you like a friend would. The sections about health and the body are wonderfully balanced with the sections about health and the mind. A great tour to how girls can best lay claim to their body and spirit in a culture that can pressure them to leave that behind. I have given it to many friends, pre-teen and adult alike and they have all raved about it.

Reader Reviews

Girls from all over the world—from South Africa to London to New Zealand—have e-mailed me their thoughts about the book. Here’s what a few of them had to say.

I loved your book so much! I can't even tell you! I read it when I'm feeling down or inferior... I read it over and over to get every bit of information you have to give me! Major self-confidence booster and I mean big!
— Oceana, 13, Los Angeles, California

Hey! I loved this book. There have been things I wanted to know but I was too scared to ask anyone else because I was embarrassed. But thanks to your book, I got a better view of things! …I keep it by my side always.
— Melissa, age 14, Stratford, Connecticut

When I feel low, I pick up your book and instantly it makes me feel better. The book is like a diary. I write comments in it and circle the quiz section so I can remember later what I was thinking.
— Tanya, age 13, Canada

I learned more from your book than from anywhere. Reading this book made me actually think that loving me for who I am is really cool and I decided to give it a try. Now I feel better, I eat better, I exercise better, and I even made my friends feel better about themselves too! Thank you …for changing my life.
— Jessica, age 15, New York City

Well the book help me a lot … i was getting in a deep shit with this boy and he was trying to get me to have sex with him. With this book i could say no because this is not what i want to do. ..the book was right on time in my life.
— Keta , 16, Cleveland, Ohio

My mom gave it to me because she thinks I worry too much about my weight, looks, makeup, etc. Now I'm not like that!
— Sarah, age 14, Los Angeles, California

I thought your book was great. I took ALL the quizzes and found out a lot about myself, including the fact that I had an eating disorder. I got help though, because you also explained how … YOU’RE A LIFESAVER! I will cherish your book forever.
— Alexis, age 14, Delaware

Your book was a major help! Some girls called me flat and you know what I said—“Don't lay on me because you’re insecure about yourself,” and she walked away…
— Lisa, Age 15, Pittsfield, Pennsylvania

It told me about the things that are happening to my body without making me feel embarrassed to sit there and read it.
— Brittney, 10, Las Vegas, Nevada

This book makes me realize that there are other people going through the same exact thing that I am going through. Sometimes I feel like I can't talk to anyone about myself, and this book has made me realize that I should, and that I should be proud of myself emotionally and physically. All girls should read this book.
— Kim, age 16, New Jersey

…You have taught me to love myself more both inside and outside, total respect for my body, and all the dramatic changes going through my life….
— Georgiana, 16, Bridgeport, Connecticut

My parents got it for me when I became a pre-teen. Thank you mom and dad!
— Eliza, 11, New York City

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